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How to create shop lighting with high-quality LED downlights?

Light conveys feelings through human vision, and the light after shop lighting design makes full use of LED downlights and other lamps to create a space that people want to express, the designer‘s concept, and use light to affect people‘s mood. At this time, the lighting design of store lighting uses the light of LED downlights and other lamps to show the value of the goods to customers at a glance. The purpose of lighting design is to guide and stimulate consumer consumption. This article mainly talks about high-quality LED downlights to create shop lighting.

High-quality LED downlights are safe and assured

The biggest feature of high-quality LED downlight-high reliability. This is also an important reason why it is widely welcomed by various lighting projects. In terms of the structure of the lamp body, because the lamp body is made of pure aluminum, it is stable and corrosion-resistant, has good sealing performance, and is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is also a strong point in terms of heat dissipation performance. It uses a unique integrated cold forging heat dissipation design, which can efficiently ensure the normal operation of the chip at a lower temperature and greatly extend the actual service life of the lamp. In fact, the accent lighting in the store plays an important role in high-quality consumer stores. Accent lighting, as the name implies, direct lighting to emphasize a particular object or to draw attention to a specific part of the object.

Because the contrast is very critical to the visual effect, generally speaking, the greater the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the product, and the brighter the color; while the lower the contrast, the product will fall into the background and cannot stand out. High contrast is very helpful to the clarity, detail and level of the product. Through the actual measurement of the light environment of the store, it is found that the local brightness contrast determines the level of customer visual satisfaction.

High-quality LED downlights make products a boutique

The LED downlight adopts a scientific secondary light distribution design, and the reflector is accurately calculated to ensure uniform light output, natural halo transition, and no macular stray light, and the light efficiency reaches 100lm/W. The advanced technology weakens the influence of the secondary spot, making the transition more uniform and free of speckles, so that a better spot is presented in the beam angle range.

High-quality LED downlight eliminates glare, healthy lighting

The scientific research on stroboscopic test data on optic nerve cells shows that the potential of the optic nerve cells excited by the stroboscopic light is significantly higher. Activities under stroboscopic lights will aggravate the fatigue of the brain. For this reason, Lingshi uses a high-quality power supply with a fluctuation depth of <3.2%, which effectively reduces visual fatigue caused by stroboscopic lights, allowing consumers in high-end shops to enjoy home-like comfort .

People‘s field of vision is usually in the range of 30°-35°. In order to reduce the glare generated in the field of vision, generally lamps will be designed with a shading angle of> 30°. The higher the concealment of the LED light source, the higher the comfort it brings. LED lamps ensure the visual comfort of the space through high shading angle.

High-quality LED downlight with high color rendering, truly restore product details

As we all know, the quality of LED determines the quality of the color rendering of the light source. In high-end shop lighting, a high degree of color rendering is a prerequisite for the true reproduction of product details. Therefore, in the Lingshi product series, imported light sources are selected for CREE to ensure that the color rendering index of the Lingshi product series is above 85. And to ensure that in the continuous and repetitive LED selection, the color consistency of the product will not change over time, and it is also included between different products in the same lighting project.

In summary, high-quality LED downlights can be used to create shop lighting. Modern commercialized places are not limited to simple shopping. In particular, high-quality shops have become people‘s leisure, social, and relaxing spaces. Therefore, the comfort of the space light environment is required. Higher, this needs to focus on the details of anti-glare, stroboscopic, color rendering index and life span of LED downlights and other lamps.

led downlight
led downlight

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