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It‘s time to change into high efficient LED Linear Trunking Light

Conventional fluorescent tubes are widely used for all kinds of application all over the world. Since 2008, many kinds of led lighting products came into the market,One of the most popular products is LED Tube, and what‘s the most top using application for led tube? Yes, one of them is the supermarket. As for supermarket, generally it is with wide and large space, the continous lighting will be a optimal solution for this kind application, so tube light always the No.1 Choice.

After years of development, you will find many supermarket still use the fluorescent tube? Why? What‘s the reason?

Below will give you the answer,

*Because the electronic circuit structure for led tube is different from fluorescent tube, when changed into led tube, it need remove starter and ballast, so it has to
change the wires before installation led tube,which will need much time and cost to do so.Although most of led tube can be compatible inductance ballast, but how about the electronic ballast? There are so many kinds of electronic ballast in the market, it‘s difficult to make a led tube can be compatible with all electric ballast.So for a quick and easy installation, it‘s better to have a kind of led tube can be compatible with induction ballast and electronic ballast.

*LED tube can not make sure best linear effect in the long distance installation, can not achieve seamless connection, it doesn‘t look artistic.

Based on this situation, LED Orientalight Co.,Limited design a new innovative products-LED Linear Trunking Light to solve the above problem, and make it more easier and
conveninet to upgrading your inefficient lighting system.

The big advantage for LED Linear Trunking Light is as below,

*The elegant LED Linear Trunking light system compose of exchangeable luminaire mounted on a standard trunking rail.The trunking rail & luminaire are assembled by the
scientific buckle design.                                                                                                         

*Luminaries can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structual alterations at any time. The trunking rail is simply a matter of replacing or adding
lighting modules,light sources as required.

*Seamless linkable connection, no dark area. 

*Tool-less installation:Pre-wired with connectors, plugplay,save 60% time and labor cost.

With these advantages for led linear trunking light, are you interested in it? If so, warmly welcome to contact us, we will be ready here to help you.
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