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500W High Power LED Flood Light

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With the most advanced technology and design, our 500w high power led flood light owns various light distribution to meet customer‘s different demand,there is option for round reflector or square refector, reflection cup or optical lens. This 500w led flood light has a very low UGR and no flash, which will assure excellent slow-motionimage with the High definition television live broadcasting.If you don‘t know choose which model and how many Qty will be needed, please do not worry, we could do dialux simulation in order to make you order right products.

Special features:

·This series of high power flood light can meet customer‘s special demand of small beam angle, long distance,and different directions. 
·The smallest beam angle can below 10 degree, the centrial light intensity can reach 3,000,000cd, the farthermost distance can reach 5 kilometers.
·It owns light weight, compact volume, easy install and remove,harmless to humen body and environment.
·It owns various light distribution,there is option for round reflector/square refector, reflection cup or lens, customer can choose the model accoding to exact demand. 
·Power consumption is 1/3 of common energy-saving lamps, 1/10 of incandescent lamps. 
·Our high power led flood light not only dramatically reduce your lighting energy costs by as much as 80%, it will also enhance the safety, general well-being and productivity of your employees. 
·By Using waterproof connector and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can achieve IP67, meet the requirement for harsh and tough outdoor environment. 
·CE, RoHS, C-Tick, SAA approval. 
·5 Years warranty. 


--Advantages for heatsink

--Advantages for COB

--Advantages of Meanwell LED Driver

Specification of 500w high power led flood light:

Item No.: HF1500 
Product Model: LM-HFG407E500Y01-CW/WW/NW 
Power (W): 500Watts 
Size(mm): 407*206*385mm 
Input Voltage(V): AC90-305V 50/60Hz 
Color(CCT): 3000K/4000K/6000K 
Luminous Flux:   50000lm 
LED Quantity:   1Pc 
Led Type: Imported  COB 
Beam Angle: 12°/25°/45°/60°/90°/120° 
CRI: 70Ra 
PF: >0.9 
IP Grade IP67 
Lifespan: 50,000hours 
Warranty: 5 years 
Certificate: CE RoHS C-tick SAA

Product Detais:

Temperature Testing:


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