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How to choose a suitable led flood light?

With the high demand of led flood light these years, suppliers thinks any way to find an optimal combination for components to achieve stable performance and cost effective, now I‘d like to introduce some key factors to chose a suitable led flood light as per your demand.

LED Chip:

Generally for led chip, there are mainly two types, COB type and SMD type, and for COB type, Epistar chip and Bridgelux chip are the usual option, Epistar is cheaper, but Bridgelux‘s performance more stable and durable; for SMD type, the most popular model is SMD3030, brand is philips or Osram or Nichia, they are all global well-known brand, difference is not big.

About difference for COB type and SMD type, the light for COB type is more focus and concentrated, which can reach longer distance, and the light for SMD type is more uniform and even, so you could chose the light as per your demand.


There are many brand of drivers, Meanwell, Philips, Moso, Lifund, Songsheng, Huatianweiye, etc.

Among these brands, people always chose Meanwell as driver for power >100w, because Meanwell driver is more stable and durable for the high wattage. But if customer seek more competitive price, then other brand will be a proper choice.

For the power of led flood light < 100watt, e.g 50w, most of the China suppliers use the local brand led driver, because the technology for low wattage led driver is already very mature as long as they used good electronic material, so, it is not necessary to use Meanwell, in order to have a cometitive price in the market.

Light Efficiency:

If the outdoor led flood lights use led chip 3030 SMD, the common lm/w is 100-130lm/w, but for some special project, which will need professional optical requirement, and  will have a higher requirement on lumens per watt, for example, the tennis court, usually, they will require the professional tennis court lighting.

Tips: if one manufacturer claim that they can provide 150lm/w flood lights with local brand 3030SMD, please be careful of the heat dissipation. Because according the current led technology, it is not easy to meet 150lm/w for 3030SMD, except this factory is  using Nichia 3030 SMD+ professional optical lens.


Most of the led flood light will be used in outdoor and installed in a high place, so, according to most customer‘s feedback, it has not very big different between CRI70 and CRI80. So High CRI is not a must, but fortunately, most of suppliers is providing 80 Ra for their led flood light, because the price gap between 70Ra and 80 Ra is very slim.


Most of the factories give 5 years warranty, and some give 2-3 years warranty because of different brand of driver used.


When you are searching a proper led  flood light, pls check one by one tips above with patience , I believer you will find a suitable product.

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