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MEAN WELL launched new XLG series power supply this year.

The launch of the new XLG series power supply is a major event for MEAN WELL this year. Compared to previous products, the XLG series features constant power output, a compact design, and compliance with the latest safety regulatons.

The constant power design provides a wide range of voltages and currents that allow customers to choose between different LED sources. Only one product is needed to meet the demands of a wider range of applications, eliminating the need to select different power supplies for slight variations in voltage or current, making it easier to use.

The XLG series also complies with the latest safety regulatons. Besides the addition of the dimmable cord and output isolation to meet the latest EU IEC61347 specifications, common safety regulaton like the Australia RCM, India BIS, Japan PSE, and Korea KC are also included in the standard edition of the product.

“Reducing the size of the power supply was the biggest challenge of the XLG series,” Rex Lin explained. The smaller the power supply, the harder it is to dissipate heat. MEAN WELL used double-sided PCB and thermal silicone gel to reinforce heat dissipation, successfully reducing the size of the power supply to more than 20-30% of general commercial power supply. In response to the lamp miniaturization trend, MEAN WELL offers LED lamp consumers greater design flexibility with thinner and smaller power supplies.

MEAN WELL continues to observe market demands, designing and developing products that hit closest to home. MEAN WELL establishes its brand reputation with a small number of diverse products that support multiple LED applications, so it can grow steadily in a fluctuating industry. In addition to the current ten main product series, new series are gradually being developed.


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